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What do Volunteers do?

ISO has three ‘arms’ of ministry to volunteer.

Other areas to volunteer also include: Administrators; event planners/coordinators; database entry; fundraising; marketing; trainers; presenters; Board members; business partners; employers willing to give second chances; financial partners.

What do Business Partners do?

“To me, volunteering is not about generalities, but about individuals. The opportunity to truly impact a life is a precious thing. I think of one young man I mentored. He did not grow up with any faith whatsoever. He had no one in his life to model proper behavior or to teach him anything about God. He had a great desire to change but needed someone to help show him the way. Working one on one, I could offer to teach about God’s love and, even more importantly, I could show it. As we ended our time together, he said, with tears in his eyes, “you have made me believe in the potential of God.”