Volunteer in Your Community



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What do Volunteers do?

ISO has three ‘arms’ of ministry to volunteer.

  • Education – volunteers facilitate ISO classes.
  • Transition Management (Inside and Outside Teams)– inside volunteers work with individual residents desiring to go to substance treatment programs or human trafficking programs upon their release. They coordinate with these programs and at times, attorneys to coordinate certain court-ordered programs. - Outside volunteers bridge the gap to pre-arranged and provides transportation.
  • Spiritual Development (Inside and Outside Teams). Inside mentors meet one-on-one to provide spiritual guidance to those seeking to grow in their faith while they are inside. Outside mentors continue to provide spiritual guidance for those we have been working with upon their release for spiritual encouragement. Pen pals provide encouraging and motivational support to those requesting pen pals that receive no mail inside.

Other areas to volunteer also include:
Administrators; event planners/coordinators; database entry; fundraising; marketing; trainers; presenters; Board members; business partners; employers willing to give second chances; financial partners.

What do Business Partners do?

  • Provide second chances to those that need employment and have the skillsets for that particular job.
  • Provide financial assistance to continue our operations, offer bus passes or transportation, housing start-up costs, or scholarships to programs.

"To me, volunteering is not about generalities, but about individuals. The opportunity to truly impact a life is a precious thing. I think of one young man I mentored. He did not grow up with any faith whatsoever. He had no one in his life to model proper behavior or to teach him anything about God. He had a great desire to change but needed someone to help show him the way. Working one on one, I could offer to teach about God's love and, even more importantly, I could show it. As we ended our time together, he said, with tears in his eyes, "you have made me believe in the potential of God."