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March 21, 2024

As I sit at home in my office, I look out my window at the little garden I planted several years ago. FL afternoon storms, hurricanes, dry spells, cold snaps, and constant leaves and pollen have sculptured it to look very different today. Some of the young flowers didn’t survive. In fact, I cut the bougainvillea totally out because it was taking over everything in the garden. But the plants that survived have matured and are vibrant today. These, if not removed, I’m sure will be there till Jesus returns! 🙂

In a weird way, the process of my little garden reminds me of how Christ affects our lives.

We grow and are sculptured through life. What’s left is a vibrant life and a matured faith that stands in time till Jesus returns and takes us home.

I pray as we rejoice because of Jesus and the seed He planted in each of us, we grow and are sculptured to stand in faith till Jesus returns (John 14:3).  Amen.

Ministry Accomplishments!
We are celebrating our 10th Anniversary of being a 501c3 organization this year!
In 2023 we worked hard to increase our services. This resulted in a 35% increase of the transition/re-entry services we provided as well as a 75% increase of the re-entry classes we facilitated!  We’re praying our increases will continue in 2024 as we develop new projects that will have an even greater impact on those incarcerated and their families! In our efforts, we pride ourselves in helping to reduce recidivism and strengthening our communities.
We further pray if you are sympathetic to our mission, if you could financially partner with us. Simply click on our Donate button on the website. Or if you are interested in volunteering, please email us at:
Chap Tammy

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