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August 21, 2023

Is it HOT enough for ya? Whew! But we can be comforted to know the LORD provides us “shelter and shade from the heat of the day” (Isaiah 4:6). He is our refuge. Amen?

In our lives, the actual temperature outside is not our ‘real’ dilemma, but the hardships and trials of life we experience. Things that make life messy, ugly, grueling, and agonizing. Whether it be challenges at work, family, finances, health, even ministry…that’s when the heat really ramps up. But seeking God’s help and shelter is what gets us through the day. If you’re going through that type of ‘heat’ I encourage you to read Isaiah 4:6 again and let Him be your ‘canopy’ shading you from the ‘heat’ of your day!

I am excited the Lord kept open doors for us to serve at Orange County Corrections. Our strong relationship with neighboring jails helps us continue to connect those in need with our services. God has provided so we can continue to help the ‘least and the lost’.  I am humbled I get to witness lives changing from the inside out as I know each of our volunteers feel the same!

If you would like to get somehow involved, please email Let’s see what God is doing through you to help ‘the least and the lost’!

Many blessings to you!

Rev. Tammy Fisher
Founder/CEO Inside Out Jail Ministries (ISO), Inc

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