Services to our Community


Inside Out Jail Ministries focuses on the rehabilitation and successful re-entry of men and women inside the Orange County Jail. Currently, the Orange County Jail holds roughly 2,300 men and women who are dealing with a past in criminal mischief and looking to transition smoothly into the Orlando Community. These men and women are provided the opportunity to partner with ISO through educational, spiritual as well as program assistance inside of the jail. ISO provides classes to inmates with the tools to make positive decisions, create SMART goals and developing a release plan (24-72 hour plans) upon release from jail.




In this 6-class series, participants learn evidence-based techniques to overcome obstacles related to transitioning back into the community. This includes learning how to make better decisions both inside and outside of jail, make SMART goals, learn how to resist internal and exterior temptations, consider substance programs or transitional programs to assist in possible addictions, how/why to submit to authorities, how to rebuild trust in relationships, address forgiveness/unforgiveness issues and why they are critical to their recovery, prepare for employment, prepare a 24-72 hour plan to follow for their release, receive available community resources, and can request spiritual mentors/pen pals if they desire additional spiritual guidance. (Offered in English and Spanish).

Inside Classes


These 3-4 class sessions dig deeper and more intense on areas discussed in ISO 1 such as Employment; Addiction; Goal Setting.

Family Integrity Training (FIT)

ISO has partnered with FIT offering their classes that develop their life skills through faith-driven concepts. This 8-10 class series offers Anger Dynamics, Personal Integrity, Decision Making, Coping with the Losses of Life, Change of Heart, Financial Success from Scratch. (100 Hour)


These class series offer an abbreviated ISO 1 and a topic of FIT.


Our mission continues to impact the lives of men and women once released from jail and begin their transition back into their respective communities. We continue to help with Transition Management through help from our volunteers who work with men and women desiring to go to substance treatment programs or human trafficking programs. Our volunteers coordinate with these programs and at times, attorneys to coordinate certain court-ordered programs. The outside volunteers bridge the gap to pre-arrange releases to endure after and transportation to approved programs.

Our Outside team continues to provide spiritual development to men and women as mentors and provide spiritual guidance to those seeking to grow in their faith. We continue to reach out to these men and women as they proceed to become upstanding citizens and offer the assistance of the ISO Community when in need by providing clothing, housing opportunities, employment opportunities as well as transportation if needed to probation.

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