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ISO Fundraiser Banquet 2019

What a Banquet we had! Awesome food, awesome speakers, awesome silent auction, and awesome time!

Chaplain Tammy spoke regarding the mission and vision of ISO and the progress the ministry has accomplished. The next phase of the ministry is to develop the outside piece and we need the help of the community to accomplish this. If we really want to make our communities safer, and strengthen families bringing them out of poverty to enhance our communities, we must also help the adults in jail to affect change. When we help the adults, then they raise their children to be healthy and productive adults in their neighborhoods.

“You’re at the Rosen Center, Tammy! The Rosen Center!”
– Mayor Jerry Demings””

Two graduates of Inside Out Jail Ministries spoke of their journey and how they are doing today. Will was a veteran that became addicted to opioids. God intervened while he was in jail and ISO helped him get into a program which directed his steps to recovery. The second testimony of a woman named Angela explained how she had grown up in an impoverished neighborhood and experienced the challenges of street life. Through numerous incarcerations, she too was helped by ISO into a program that helped her on her journey forward. She now has a job that helps with the bills, however as an ex-felon she faces the challenges of finding good housing for herself and son.

Mayor Demings spoke next connecting everything, explaining how we should all be part of the solution as we hear how lives have changed from the inside out.

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